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Friday, June 8, 2007

Some of Our Rock

We have a wonderful young lady from our church babysitting for us, so Mom was able to get a night away last night and enjoy some island sights by herself. These were taken oh about 3-4 blocks from our home.

This first shot is looking back into "old base housing," the only one with the sun out and the last shot I captured before my camera's batteries died--I'll try to be better prepared next time!:)

This one is an example of the numerous cows on the Island. If you look closely, you'll see the barrels of milk in the midst of the cows. We often see horse drawn carts on the roads with the cart full of these containers. Talk about a wonderful feeling of the past! The other remarkable thing you can see are the stone walls. These walls are sprinkled throughout the entire Island, made of the volcanic rock, which I assume are to keep the cows in or out--though I've seen some cows lazily chewing next to the road, outside the walls as well. I've heard the walls described as "black lace"--appropriate as you can see their delicate lines giving definition to the distant hills.

These next pictures were taken of a "Rock" just off the Island. They don't really do justice to the majesty of the waves and lonely beauty of the sole small island, but I hope you get a taste of the joy we have living so near the water and in this old world where the life moves slowly (except on the roads) but the clouds and weather moves in "fast forward."