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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the meantime...

We have been busy with other ventures. On top of us doing all of the demolition/drywall/painting, working full time learning a new part of Ryan's job, he was also training for a 1/2 marathon.
Before the run

Finishing the 13.1 miles

Rebecca has been busy with the addition to the family...

as well as all the other "kids" in the house

just missing sis in this photo

here is one with sis

The kids have been busy hitting milestones of their own... the older two in school and the younger two physically...

first day on TWO wheels.

 Very exciting!

After reviewing all these things/events... all I can do is praise God for his faithfulness and His provisions of safety and wellbeing of the family. So even with all the work and hardships that we have faced... I take great joy in them. Ecclesiastes 3:22

Been a long time pt 2

Same wall of the old master bedroom

Opposing views of the framing

Same corner...

Been a long time

This was the beginning along with some of the stages in-between as seen from the outside.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Seth Titus Edwards

Seth has entered our world in person. At 05:30 or thereabouts on Sunday morning (Father's Day), Rebecca's bag of waters broke. We arrived at the hospital around 6am. Seth was born at 07:18 July 21, 2009; 7lbs. 10oz.; 21 1/2" long; blonde hair; blue eyes.

Dr. Ferguson arrived on the run in time to clamp and cut the cord that was wrapped twice around Seth's neck... and catch. Seth was a bit dusky and needed oxygen, but revived well and has done outstanding. At his 4 day check up, he had already gained back his birth weight plus 3 oz. He is a delight to all--easy going and loves to hear his siblings around him. (They also enjoy him greatly!)

2 weeks before birth:

Few hours after birth (catching up on some TV with Dad:)

Going home, one day old (snagging a bite to eat first) :

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Pictures/No Baby Appearance Yet!

So sorry for the delay in posting, but a combination of pregnancy, moving, buying a house, cars, renovating aforementioned house, carpal tunnel in pregnant Mommy's hands, moving into the house with 3 separate shipments (minus a dining room table that mysteriously disappeared from storage), etc... has kept us away from the computer for the most part. However, we did get some pictures here and there and thought you would enjoy a short snapshot of our lives the last couple of months until we can get more on here...

Stopping at Norfolk on our way from the Azores to Enid, we met up with Ryan's sister Maureen and family... all had a blast in the relatively quiet morning airport.

Papa and Mama Robin took up residence outside our living room windows and produced some exciting babies to watch.

The boys (perhaps inspired by their sister...the story gets a little fuzzy there) decided to snack on the seeds of our backyard tree. We spent that Saturday morning trying to find out what the tree was, much less whether it was poisonous. All was good... evidently it is a male Pecan tree. Boys!!!

We're supposed to be outside looking at a brewing tornado, right?:) Leave it to Ryan! You can see some of our house in the picture--some day we'll get some acceptable pictures.

Our backyard has many kid-pleasures, not the least of which is a couple of trees to climb...

...and then fall out of...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It all started with Hannah's baptism. Nathanael started asking lots of questions about what it meant and how he would get to do it... that sort of thing. Anyways, Wednesday night about 3 weeks ago he ran in to tell Pastor Art... "PASTOR ART! I HAVE JESUS IN MY HEART... CAN I GET BAPTIZED?!?" Nathanael was so excited about this it came out as a yell. A very exciting time for Nathanael… and all those that participated in this decisive choice about eternity.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baby #4 Ultrasound

Baby #4 at just almost 20 weeks... (No, we didn't find out... still just guessing:) Very active little one--kept kicking mom and the technician:)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well here it is... the long anticipated pictures from Hannah's birthday. The unique thing about this is that the power went out immediately following Ryan pulling dinner out of the oven. This slowed down the evening but I think it made it all the more memorable.

Here you can see Hannah blowing out the candles with candles on the table for light.

The clothes she got for her birthday were a huge success with Hannah. She has chosen to wear them every day since. Thanks to all those who sent presents and cards for Hannah.