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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Nathanael is now FIVE! Both he and Hannah were proudly announcing the fact of his Bday to everyone we came across yesterday (and today:). Some pictures of the CHOCOLATEY cake and presents follow (thanks Moms and Dads!!!:) Btw, tradition in this Edwards family is that everyone at the bday party gets a gift, not just the bday kid. So, Hannah and Thaddeus were thrilled with her drums and his monkey--what a combo:).

And, here, we see Hannah, the vanquishing Sock Wielder! She whipped Daddy in the eye (ouch!) with a sock--took Daddy down. Then, because she saw how badly that hurt and how that shouldn't happen again, on her own, she drew a sign to indicate to other aspiring children, this should not be attempted at home!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


These may only be Legos, but I think the thought that went behind them outstanding! (Of course that's just a mother's opinion.) During the boys' nap times, Hannah quietly plays in her room... often with her doll house and/or the box of Legos. Long ago, she left the patterns that come with Legos far behind. These creations are of her own thoughts, design, and making--we come in after nap time to take pictures. Check out the chandelier on the first building. The second is a telescope (I didn't even know Hannah knew what that was, much less that she could say the word!)... later on she stuck white and yellow one-holed Legos on a blue base and stood it up in front of her "telescope" so she could "look at the stars"--yes, the whole "telescope" is hollow--you can see through it. WOW!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


He made it! He's home, he graduated from the NCO Academy, and finished his Bachelor of Science Degree!!!! We're thrilled, exhausted, and love having him home!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Eeyore Comparisons

Found this shot from way back on Harvest Day of 2004... look at how much he's grown!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Pumpkins

Harvest Day went rather well in spite of my misgivings. Portuguese on the Island are invited to join the festivities in base housing, so the gates are shut at 5:30pm for the protection of the children and crowd control... we were advised to take in all decorations, outside toys, etc., so we locked everything in the garage and beat a hasty retreat to the church (Azorean Baptist Church before the allotted time of gate closure. Maid Marian, Mr. Pilot, and Eeyore had a blast hanging out with their friends at church, dressing up, eating, playing games, and at the end: getting the all important candy! On of the deacons at the church had to make sure we had an extra bag (he tried to give all the kids extra bags of candy!), so we have plenty for oh, the next year or so:). We carved the pumpkins today because we wanted to enjoy them for a couple of days (they'll be piles of mush very soon with the warm weather and ever-present moisture) and we wanted to enjoy them at night, not having to have them inside on "Harvest Day" for fear of vandalism.