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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It Is a Big Island, After All

My parents used to ask us kids if they needed to call the Paramedics, the Navy, Army, Air Force, Ambulance, Fire Department, etc., etc. when we got hurt. I don't think that will be the tactic around our house now. That's right... though a small island, Michelle, we do have an ambulance... and they know their way to our front door!

Rest assured, at the moment I write this, we are all safely at home and kids are resting soundly. Now, on to the story. Yesterday, I calmly assumed responsibility for the youngest as I went to return some things at the BX (much easier without the whole gaggle of kids--Ryan included:)--with me). Oh, by the way, I should back track. I had a great time in the DC area--THANK YOU, Best family and extended family, for taking such good care of me!!! I arrived home sleepy but sound. A few days later, Ryan's parents came for a whirl-wind visit of the Island. Let me assure you, they DID the Island. I'm not sure there is much left to see:) In the midst of their trip, each one of the kids got sick--never together, but one right after the other. Not a bad illness, but enough that they needed a day of fluids and rest. The kids were all well enough to play the last day Mom and Dad were here, then Mom and Dad left on a flight on Father's Day. Yesterday (Monday) was calm and quiet--a recovery day from all the activities--we thought. Then, I left for the BX.

While at the BX--in line--in fact, Thaddeus and I heard a siren. I got down on Thaddeus' level and we prayed. (After his "Amen," he made some rather convincing siren sounds himself:) We finished up our business and drove home. As I reached the base of our street, I noticed a friend of ours looking at us intently. I waved and she made a step as if to walk toward the car, so I stopped and turned off the music. About this time, I looked up our street and noticed the police and ambulance parked in front of our house.

Our friend didn't know exactly what was going on, but decided to go up with me. Another neighbor came out to tell me that Nathanael had been hurt. They took care of Thaddeus as I ran inside.

Nathanael, Hannah, and neighborhood kids had been riding their bikes. Nathanael apparently got a bit too close to one of the kids and bumped the other kid's back tire with his front tire, which it seems was enough to throw Nathanael to the ground--face first into the concrete. Ryan heard the scream and ran up to the site of the accident, he took off his shirt to help stop the bleeding and got Nathanael home. He had neighbors and kids helping, but finally decided that it looked like Nathanael would need stitches. He called the clinic, which was inconveniently closed, and decided since he didn't have the van with the car seats to transport Nathanael to Angra, that he would call 911 and see what the dispatcher suggested.

You guessed it, a few minutes later, the police with the ambulance in tow came wailing through base housing. Nathanael lost it when he saw the cop (asked why later, I have heard two different explanation, "I thought the policeman would cut off my lip" and "I thought he would shoot my lip"). Leave it to a boy! The paramedics were wonderful with Nathanael and I finally showed up halfway through the fiasco and was able to get Nathanael to rinse his mouth out.

When all was said and done, a tooth was wobbly (they're all baby teeth anyway, so no big concern), he had a good split in his lip on the inside, his lip is really swollen, and Mom had to tackle the new clothes he was wearing with the stain stick. So, he is eating mushy foods for the most part, drinking with a straw (which he loves), and loving life as now he has a great story that he is telling EVERYONE on the island. Thank you for your prayers. We really do covet them!