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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emmanuel Baptist Church's Christmas Pageant

The kids have been working hard in Emmanuel's Christmas Pageant this year... if you want to see it, one of the performances is up on Emmaneul's website:

Click on "Media", "Watch Live" then login w/ an email address, and finally click on the Christmas Pageant.

If you don't have enough time to watch all of the pageant, Thaddeus is one of the Wisemen in the pink vest at 12:20; Nathanael and Hannah with the bells at 16:30; Hannah as the Innkeeper's Daughter at 38:28; singing at 46:00; and a towns person at 58:50.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad Bloggers!

Ok, ok... so we're a little late in posting, but it's been quite a year:)  The house has been quite a project.  We've begun calling it our "Can of Worms."  In spite of frustrations, God has blessed us!  We started with this:

Then, shortly after we had Seth, we began destruction and construction on an addition to the house (a new master bed/bath/closet and office).  Everyone had to get in on the action:)

Ryan worked so hard, even his friend, Mt. Dew, couldn't wake him!

Part of the old Master Bedroom... now the Baby's Room/Guest Room

New hall to addition

New walk in Hall Closet--was the old Master Closet and Hannah's Old Closet

Hannah's new walk-in closet--this used to be the old Master 1/2 Bath

New Office--small, but large enough for desks for both Ryan and Rebecca

New Master Bedroom

New Master Closet

New Master Bath

Old Garage--New School Room/Workout Room/Game Room/Storage/Etc.  Ryan's workbenches are to the left.

Old Kitchen

Looking out into the garage/school room from the kitchen and the little entry is the laundry.

New Kitchen

Kitchen Granite

My favorite Cupboard

My favorite Drawer

Ryan's idea for a Bar and Bookshelf and Pantry to the Left are WONDERFUL!

New Dining Room

More Dining Room and Kitchen

Living Room (Painted)

More Living Room

Old Cupboard in Hall Bath--Water Softener is coming

Boys helping with the Water Softener Installation

Water Softener and Filter

French Drain

More French Drain

End of Drain

New Lamp Post

Old Lamp Post and "Bob" the faithful Truck

New landscaping Ryan's Mom helped with

New Shed

Tree and swing...

Now, Tree House

Kids and Dog in summer '10

Gram & PopPop Trip in Oct. '10

We promise to be better bloggers... please don't shoot, Mr. Cowboy!:)