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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Now you've done it...

Yup...all it takes is an ounce of Daddy's DNA of a daredevil and it was bound to happen. We've had our first broken bone. Hannah broke her wrist trying to hold onto a piece of tape while sliding down the street light pole near our house. Hannah is in a splint until the radiologist can confirm the break (he happens to be out until Monday). Hannah fussed over little things for the first two days of the unconfirmed break, but is now finding ways to do all the things she loves with the brace. Although she does fuss about the wrist whenever it is something she doesn't enjoy. The brace is supposed to remain on for 4-6 weeks...we will see how it goes.
We saw the orthopedic (Portuguese) doctor (with interpreter) who said Hannah has a green stick fracture and should be out of the brace at the beginning of May with no problems. Hannah has done outstandingly well with her brace, she is still writing and coloring, bike riding, etc... though she hasn't attempted the light pole recently (that we have been able to note:).

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Finally bit the dust I should say. This was the car that would not die, although the car did go onto life support several different times. The first time was the trip off of the back of Daddy's car, where the sudden stop (sidewalk) destroyed something within the circuit card. Daddy was unable to revive the car for about a month (troubleshooting with his limited electronic background.) Finally, Daddy resorted to short wiring the engine... this worked for several weeks. Take the batteries out of the charger, plug them in and watch the car go. Nathanael loved chasing the car around the street. There were several trips to the car ER (batteries, rocks, and puddles) all were solved until Nathanael let the car go down "The Hill" where the car ended up in a storm drain. Daddy came home and was asked ever-so-nicely to get the car out of the drain. Daddy complied (a story in and of itself) and rescued the car... again.

Nathanael was told that the car needed to "rest," but he thought that it had rest enough. Figuring out how to get the batteries in was not all that difficult... but something was wrong... the car was not going. It was making noises and was smoking. This freaked out Nathanael... I mean he took off in search of Daddy screaming at the top of his lungs, "MY CAR IS ON FIRE!!" Daddy not taking it seriously, started to meander his way back to the house... and sure enough. It was smoking from the engine housing, and had filled the garage with the distinct smell of melting electrical insulation. So, to end this sad, sad story... we must say goodbye to a well used (sometimes abused) friend.