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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


For those who have been waiting with baited breath.... pictures:) By hook or crook, I am going to get a pair of BDU pants for the next day out! We should have taken pictures of my legs torn up by the brambles after the game. Pain... weakness leaving the body!:) Enjoy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feast or Famine

Ok, ok... so it works that way sometimes:) Here are some shots of Thaddeus riding his bike... he's been doing so for a couple weeks now, but I finally got the camera out to chronicle his growth. It is almost scary he's that big now. He loves riding (or maybe just being like his big brother--did you catch the big brother coming down the hill in the first picture?); but he isn't exactly adept at the breaks yet (Mom still gets to be the brakes at times). It's funny, in a sadistic sort of way, he'll come flying at you with perfect confidence if he aims for you, you will be certain to catch him. AGHGH! This boy is bound to give me gray hairs! Hey--guess who the cute boy is riding the bike in the puddles back in Altus, OK???

The Nathanael pictures were caught just by chance. After I rounded Thaddeus into the house, I went to herd Nathanael in the same direction and still happened to have the camera in hand when I caught him climbing around. Oh, to be a kid again...wait--I still am, and I'll prove it as soon as the paintball pictures come in!:)

Blogging Procrastinator

I have been accused of not blogging lately. This is true. The blogging stopped around Hannah's Bday because I wanted to get permission of the girls' families who were at Hannah's party before posting a picture of all the girls. Well, that started to sound WAY too complicated, so I procrastinated and finally gave up.

Today, Hannah and I are home from church because Hannah has a cough that's a bit more "sick" than we liked, so we decided to take it easy today. She is busy watching Larry Boy and the Bad Apple whilst I am up here blogging:) So, since the blogger procrastinated, you get a smorgasbord of pictures from our last couple of months.

Hannah's party went beautifully. She was allowed to invite five girl friends to her party, and they made princess crowns (whew--what was mom thinking?! The girls had a blast, but I allowed way too little time for such a complicated project! Note to self... but the girls did have a good time and enjoyed creating something new:).

Since the rains here spray the vehicles (and everything else) with quite a bit of salt--the kids are getting to be experts at washing the van... ah, and a tail end shot of the Red Beast--finally!!!:)

And, some cute Valentines enjoying their Valentines presents from Mommy and Grandmama and Gampy:)